Specialist in pleating of sunblinds

Pleater of sun blinds in the Netherlands

Specialist in pleating of sunblinds

The pleating specialist in the Netherlands.

We are specialized in pleating of sun blinds and insect screens.

We pleat, inspect and crop solar protection products in various fabrics. At the same time we pleat, inspect and crop filters and gauze (for the purpose of insect screens). The semi-finished pleated products fabricated by us are mainly used for window decorations and solar protection, however the gauze pleated by us is often applied in screens to repel insects.

We have the capacity to pleat fabrics to a maximum width of 240 centimetres or 94 .5 inches and we are able to inspect, re-roll and crop various textile to a maximum width of 300 centimetres or 118 inches. If you would like a wider article to be pleated, inspected, re-rolled or cropped we are eager to consult with you.

All our work in the field of pleating is conducted on Rabofsky pleating machines. Thanks to years of experience working with this equipment, we have excellent knowhow on how to adjust the machines to the perfect setting for every material suited for pleating.

The inspect- and cropping equipment was developed by managing director René Doets in cooperation with mts Maschinenbau GmbH for the benefit of the pleating production. This machine can also re-roll textile rolls for the benefit of inspecting and pleating.

We used to deliver our pleating services to the confection industry, but we have disposed of our equipment necessary for garment pleating. However we do have the necessary contacts if you want garments pleated for the confection industry.

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